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Mountain View Products

Our Commitment to Our Customers
We want our customers to have a positive and happy experience with our company and our products.
We offer some unique items that are so numerous that we could not possibly stock all of them.
We offer, you the customer, more choices and options than we believe is available anywhere else in the world on this type product.
We strive to offer superb customer service and we try to accurately forecast manufacturing trends with the factories we buy from.
We have shipped thousands of packages around the world with great success.
With all that being said we had to make a few decisions concerning how we do business.
 Below you will find or Terms of Service Agreement and our Various Policies on
a number of issues that rarely arise.  We want to stress that we are here for you and we
want your experience to be happy so please read the page before ordering.
By checking the box on the on-line order system that says
"I have read and agree to be bound by the Refund Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.
The customer agrees to have read and be bound and agreed to in whole with no exceptions to all 
terms, conditions and statements on this page and any and all pages linked from this page.

Our Products May Not Be Used on Any Person Under the Age of 18.
We do not sell plastic pants for children. We only sell plastic pants for persons considered adults who are over the age of (18) eighteen.
By submitting an order to our company you swear that you are not going to use this product on any person under eighteen years of age. 
All of the products that are manufactured by Gary Manufacturing and Angel Fluff Diaper Company may not be used on any person under the age of (18) eighteen.
No product that we sell may be used on any person under the age of (18) eighteen and you the purchaser 
are guaranteeing that the product will never be used on any person under the age of (18) eighteen.
This includes all plastic pants.  The smaller size plastic pants are only intended for adults. 
Some adults with special health concerns require tiny plastic pants.
By submitting an order to our company you swear that you are not going to use any product we sell on any person under eighteen years of age. 


All our garments are considered undergarments and may not be returned for your safety and the safety of others.
Please choose your size carefully there are no returns for wrong size. There are no returns for any reason.
We recommend that you order only one of an item until you are secure in your sizing choice.
It is extremely important that if you are ordering for for the first time from us that you call us to help 
you choose the correct size.  Wrong sizes may not be exchanged.
All Customers agree to review the vinyl material chart prior to ordering any vinyl garments.
Items on our Customized Page or any custom ordered item may never be returned for any reason.
Please contact us if you have any sizing questions. This will help prevent ordering the wrong size or unwanted feature of our pants. 
Please be aware that all our pants are designed to fit cloth diapers so they will be very very baggy, especially on smaller individuals. 
If you desire assistance in sizing please feel free to call

Warranty of Diapers & Overpants

We have pre-inspected every garment prior to shipping.
We only warranty that the garment(s) will arrive in good condition. 
Should an plastic pant fail for any reason we are not responsible.
We do not warranty the performance of the plastic pants.

It is the responsibility of the customer to immediately inspect any garment received.
If a defect is found PRIOR TO WEARING OR WASHING THE GARMENT we will authorize a return for review.
This inspection must occur within 3 days of the garments arrival to the customer.


Your Personal Information
We do not sell your personal information.
We only use your personal information as needed to conduct business.
Examples of those who may need portions of your information are, but not limited to:
Shipping carriers, credit card processors and affiliated finical institutions, the factories we
conduct business with, any legal agency that may become involved with your transaction, insurance companies ,
any of our business affiliates and our employees.
Any outside agency or group that the customer may bring into the transaction.
Also please note we no longer put a receipt in with your order for your privacy. 

Order Receipts
You will automatically receive a receipt when you order on-line at the time of your order.
Should you need an additional receipt please ask for one when ordering.


All international shipments of any kind are at the customers risk
 and the customer agrees to this risk.
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will show evidence of a shipment.
U.S. Postal shipments will all have at least one tracing scan 
inside the United States, this first tracking scan will serve as proof of shipment.
The customer agrees that this first scan will serve as proof of shipment and
the customer accepts this first scan as proof of delivery and
accepts all risk from this point forward for their shipment.
We will not be able to assist in any way in tracking a lost international shipment.
The customer agrees to accept all liability on all international shipments.
The customer is additionally and solely responsible for any taxes and duties
and fines that may be applied to his order by his country and or state or city.
There are no guaranteed tracking options available on international shipments
to the customers door. There is no insurance offered on any international shipment.
If a customer desires a different carrier to be used, arrangements must be made and 
additional shipping costs paid to Mountain View Products in advance of the shipment. 
The customer agrees to assume all risk of this or any international shipment. 
Additionally, if a customer has specific customs documentation instructions that
differ in any way form our normal customs declarations used on international
this request immediately relievies Mountain View Products of any and all liability and
the customer agrees to pay all legal fees or government fines both
domestically and internationallythat may arise as a result of the instructions
provided by the customer. In the event of a customs documentation error in the
declared value the customer agrees to handle all necessary actions need to clear their package
from their countries customs department. Should the customer need
 additional documentation to assist their efforts Mountain View Productsmay require
additional fees to be paid by the customer to cover our any of our expenses.
Should an international package be returned the customer agrees in advance to
pay an additional fee for the effort and cost of re-shipping the package.

Any package delayed, lost, or damaged due to a postal strike or during the days 
of postal contract negations is the responsibility and risk of the customer.

Domestic shipments are insured unless a service is requested that voids the insurance.
 Any insurance only covers lost packages not damaged packages.
The insurance will lessen the risk to the customer, but does not eliminate all risk.
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will show evidence of a shipment.
If the package shows delivered in the carrier's system then the package is not lost 
and Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will not replace the package nor provide any refund.
This insurance is provided for lost packages only. All Damage is still at the customer's risk.
This insurance does not cover any form of theft. Packages stolen or lost after delivery are the full responsibility of the customer.
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply does not accept any liability for packages lost or stolen after delivery.

If you do not choose the correct shipping for your country we will adjust to the correct shipping rate.
If you do not choose the correct shipping for Alaska and Hawaii we will adjust to the correct shipping rate.
Alaska and Hawaii must select Priority Mail shipping options, if a customer lives in Alaska or Hawaii and 
fails to select the correct shipping we will adjust this option and charge the correct Priority Mail rate for your order.
If you supply an incorrect address your your insurance is voided and any claim you have is null and void.
If you supply an incorrect address your package may become lost and becomes the customers sole responsibility.
Customer agrees that any address provided on the order will be acceptable to receive product.
We will strive to use the "Ship To" address, however it is understood and agreed that should we ship to the
"Bill To" address that this will be acceptable.  Customer agrees to never, under any circumstance, provide any
address that would create an undesirable situation.  In the extremely rare event that we ship to an address
that was not provided in either the "Ship To" or "Bill To" portion of the on-line order form 
we will only be limited to the replacement of the product and will not be liable in any way for any embarrassment or
perceived or possible embarrassment that may or may not occur.  The customer fully understands and fully agrees to 
all conditions. If the customer is uneasy or unable to accept these conditions they agree not to submit an order. 
If a customer has any concerns over the "Bill To" address then we recommend purchasing a pre-paid VISA or MASTERCARD. 
A customer may use their "Ship To" address as the "Bill To" address on these cards. This eliminates all possible concerns.
The address from the latest shopping cart or call-in order will be the address to which we ship you package.
Premium services like Express Mail, UPS Next Day, UPS 2 Day, UPS 3 Day and others are not guaranteed.
Should the service fail to deliver a package as anticipated we will not under any circumstance refund any portion 
of the cost of shipping and handling. We will do our part which is ship the item as agreed on the day agreed.
We will not approach the carrier for a refund if the service is not performed satisfactorily 
or if it is not delivered by the time the carries states as part of the service. Waiver of signature request will void the insurance on
US Postal Service Express Mail and we accept no liability of any kind if the customer requests the option. If a package that has requested a 
waiver of signature is lost or damaged this becomes the customer's full liability.
All customers agree to read and agree to be bound to all the conditions set forth on the shipping information page.

Factory Lead Time & Custom Items
The factory lead time shown on this site or quoted by our customer service representatives is a good faith estimate.
From time to time the factory may, without warning, experience manufacturing issues that adversely impact factory lead time.
Other factory lead time issues may occur due to human error inside and outside the factory.  
These issue are also considered, for this agreement, to be part of the factory lead time.
No order may be canceled due to a movement in factory lead time.  
Only after a period of 16 weeks from the date the order was placed will an order be considered for cancellation.  
No custom product order by a customer may be canceled or changed after it is placed with
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply. All custom items are billed 
when the order is placed with Mountain View Products / LCL Supply.
The customer agrees to this billing and understands that their credit / debit card will be billed 
on or about the day the order is submitted to Mountain View / LCL Supply.
No custom item may be returned nor exchanged and no refund will be issued.
Should a period of 16 weeks pass from the original date of a custom order,
the order may be canceled only if both parties agree to the termination of the custom order.
Neither the factory nor Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will be held responsible for, nor liable for any
inconveniences or expenses or issues that may arise due to a missed ship date.
All items located on our novelty page or on our silk dresses page or on our frilly bloomers page are considered custom items.
All items except standard pull on plastic pants between the size of Small and X-Large are considered custom items.
Any item that contains flannel or terry fabric is considered a custom item.
Any pull on style plastic pant ordered with any option is considered a custom item.
All items made with crystal clear vinyl material are custom items.

Unauthorized Returns / Authorized Returns for Review
If we ship you the wrong product we will correct the situation.
The customer agrees and understands that if they were to receive an incorrect item or a damaged item they are
to call our customer service within three business days of the package arriving.
In some instances a return material authorization number will be given to a customer for a product to be returned for review.
Under no condition return any item without a return authorization number. 
Any package returned to us without a return authorization number will be disposed of and not opened for safety reasons.
The customer understands and agrees that any unauthorized return will be discarded and no replacement product will be provided 
and no refund nor credit shall be given.  The customer agrees to secure a return material authorization number prior to making any return.

Terms of Service Agreement

The buyer agrees to and is bound by all the above policies and terms by proceeding with this order.
By checking the box on the shopping cart the buyer agrees to these terms not only on this order
but on any and all orders not limited to internet orders but including telephone orders, faxed orders,
and mailed orders that may be currently in place or placed in the future to Mountain View Products / LCL Supply.
Customer agrees to this current revision and all past revisions and all future revisions of this document.
In the very unlikely event of a customer seeking legal action against this company they agree to pay
all associated legal expenses and all associated other expenses this company may incur due to such action.
Customer understands that this document may change without notice.
Customer is responsible for any errors they may make on the shopping cart.
If you are unable to agree and be bound to all of the terms and conditions on this entire web-site we do not want you to place on order with our company please simply leave our site.

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